Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blogger's Book Club (Part 1)

The foyer of our virtual book club looks kind of shabby, but we can fix it up later.

Please leave your books club suggestions and/or questions here.
Tut Tut suggested The Poisonwood Bible, which looks good, but is a lengthy book.


1.Should we start with a short book?
2.Should we just all read some work of a prolific author and discuss the author as well?
3.How much time should we have to read the book?
4.How often should we check in?
5.Should the book club posts be during the week or weekend?
6.Should we explore new fiction or all types of fiction?


Anonymous said...

Some good questions, Avid. Here's my take on it:

1.The main thing wouldn't have to be the length of the book but rahther, if one can procure a copy of it. More-over, could we all agree to read the same book?

2.Prolific authors are better, as there work is well known and there's a lot of it to choose from. But from what you've been posting, I see a lot of books and authors I've not heard of. The newer ones I'd opt for. It's achance to explore a new talent and offer up criticisms or kudos.

3.I think a week is a good amount of time, in which to read a book( tho' I've been known to devour up to 12 in spare time ). Then again, Tolstoy can take a while :)

4.Maybe a couple times a week, once the reading frame has been established. As a part time blogger, I don't always check in everyday( but I'm working up to that ).

5.This goes along with #3, I should think. I do most of my posting in the later mornings. The weekends would be perfect for this.

6.We should explore all types. Broaden our horizons, so to speak. I've read everything from romance to sci-fi, non-fiction or fictional and,of course, mysteries and poetry. Also, from other cultures( I've tales from China that go back to A.D. 700 ), for example.

Megan said...

Good answers from SubT. I too would vote weekends for the postings.

And yes, a week is plenty of time for me.

But I've read Poisonwood Bible already...

Anonymous said...

I'm in too! What a great idea! Not sure if I could manage a week..what with all this if you decide on weekly- i can't promise to be in on this every week.

Good points SubT. I agree- broaden horizons. Anything! I like the idea of poetry too.

As I am on a limited budget I would need to order my books from the library- or secondhand from Amazon- so would need PLENTY of notice about titles. The way we do our reading group here is to have quite a longish list of 'titles to be read'- although nothing is set in stone.

I have read the Poisonwood Bible, but I don't mind reading things for a second time, as often new things come out on a second reading.

Avid Reader - you will have to choose the titles after suggestions submitted otherwise there would be too much discussion trying to decide. You know, like someone ( I wonder who?) chooses the theme thursday post.

Oh this is so exciting! I am not going to get any work done!

e said...

Hi Avid,

1. Short book--it would give us a good trial run, and let us work out any kinks before tackling longer books.

2. I think we should come up with a list of reads so that people can get the books they need from a library or bookstore, since many of us are on a limited budget. Another thing we can check is if Amazon has book club rates for ordering things, but then we'd have to think about dispersal/delivery.

3. I think ten case things come up...

4. We should check in about every two or three days, explore all types of stuff and post on a specific day, like we do for Theme Thursday.

R. Yaeko said...

I like the idea of posting like Theme Thursday. I think perhaps Theme Thursday is a really good model for this.

Short book first - just to figure things out.

I'm excited!

Barbara said...

I would love to participate, whatever the rules and format. I suggest "Out Stealing Horses" by Per Petterson as a good candidate. It's short and quite well written. A lot of room for group discussion.

R.L. Bourges said...

I'll let you guys decide on all these issues since getting new books in English is not an obvious thing for me at this point. So I'll simply join the bandwagon when I can, if that's ok by you.

Anonymous said...

Some great ideas here. Cinnamon came up with maybe one a month. 12 books. I may need the 10 days that e suggested( as I'm starting a 3rd job! ). And I like the short book intro. The Eddie Cantor book took me only 20 minutes to get through; at less than 50 pages but still quite a read. Also the point of the issue being available in different langauges( thanks R.L. )

To wit; who would decide on what to list? Getting back to Cinnamon's idea of one a month, we could have a different genre every month( historical, sci-fi, romance, noir, etc. ).

Avid Reader said...

I don't want to recommend a book for the group, as I have access to bookshops and 2 libraries within walking distance.

If we have to order books thru our library systems that can take a week or two, I think 12 books a year with a pre-established list would be good way to go.

now for book suggestions, we have Barbara's Suggestion:
Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson ---- sounds like a good choice.

tut-tut said...

I'm up for anything. Barbara's suggestion sounds intriguing as I've never heard of that author or the book.

BTW: I just checked online at local and downtown libraries: v. popular; it's either out or on hold. One copy NCO!! Shall I be the one to do so? I think I shall, anyway.

Squirrel said...

Hey i looked for a copy of that book Out Stealing Horses and no luck at my library -- there's a waiting list for it.--it must be good.

JGH said...

Shoot, I tried to leave a comment last night but it looks like it didn't come through. I would love to participate!

May be best to choose books that are already out in paper to minimize costs and demand at libaries.

Kingsolver is my all-time favorite. Also I read the NYT review of Out Stealing Horses and it also sounds great. They compared it to Haldor Laxness and I adored his "Independent People" - sounds like this might be similar.

Glad you are enjoying the Oliver Sacks!

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