Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reading Nonsense

When I was a kid, I'd spy these advertisements disguised as witty humor and I'd always be disappointed. They were never funny, and sometimes they were creepy. Sometimes I'd imagine they'd be saying completely bizarre things, and since they were clearly hallucinating a giant canary, why not?

I asked friend to make up some new words for the cartoon. He said "that's the worst drawing of a penguin I've ever seen!" Then he wrote some new captions for me. He did a pretty disgusting job!


Megan said...

That's hilarious!

R.L. Bourges said...

Well, you see, I was just about to comment about the lousy snowshoe etiquette, here. Glad someone noticed.

Funny sidebar: I just posted a song called Complaint of an Alaskan seal. Believe me, a complaining Alaskan seal is way more plausible than this... pen-chick-thingie.

(I also used to read these things in wonder, by the way. Alien life forms from another planet !)

tut-tut said...

Well, I can relate to the knitting part . . .

Avid Reader said...

I thought it was weird that the bird spent all day with the woman and never learned her name ...

Cergie said...

Difficult to comment in English and yet I have much to say. I'll just give you a link :


The drawings are very simple and the stories of these potatoes very funny.
(In French, of course)

The words in fact are more important than the drawings. This is what I mean and what I believe you mean too.

Cergie said...

This is even better :

L'actu en patate

ArtSparker said...

I thought it looked perverse before I read either set of captions, although I prefer your friend's. Another possible reading is that vegetable are somehow like small children in their neediness and demands on one's time. Orson Welles did the famous radio commercial for frozen peas, I think for Birdseye (unless it was Swanson). I must try to find that.

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